Partnership Training

Partnerships and collective actions initiatives are multiplying in Canada, as cross-sectorial collaborators come together to positively advance social issues. Partnering can be highly challenging to those involved and often fall short of expectations. The people involved in making partnerships happen are key to the partnering success.  Partnership training can deepen your skills and knowledge to power effective partnerships.

“Finally! A course that provides a proper framework and solid foundation for the work so many of us do on a day-to-day basis – build partnerships that matter and can lead to truly transformational change. Partnership Brokerage training encouraged me to be more intentional and focused about the relationships I’m exploring to form potential partnerships, and refreshingly confirmed that not every relationship has to be a partnership – and that’s okay. The training provided concrete tools for overcoming common partnering challenges; tools I’ve already started applying.” – Ericka Wicks • Director, Projects & Advisory Services, Quest


We offer 3 main partnership training courses:

Introduction to Partnerships :

Introduction to Partnerships

Partnerships are hard work and without proper training, even the simplest ones can fail. This one-day course introduces the fundamentals and helps you deepen the value from your partnerships.

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Partnership training teaches what it takes to design and deliver real value through collaboration. Our team has been certified by the Partnership Brokers Association to offer training that builds understanding and capacity around partnership all with the goal of deeper value and impact.

Partnership Brokers Training :

Partnership Brokers Training

The four-day, foundational Partnership Brokers Training course is an intensive skills development course for those brokering and managing multi-stakeholder partnerships.

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This is the only professional training currently available for those operating as partnership intermediaries and is offered in collaboration with the internationally recognized Partnership Brokers Association.

This skills training will equip you with:

  • Tools, techniques and skills development for brokering partnerships that get results
  • Enhanced confidence and competence as partnership practitioners
  • A framework and knowledge for robust, efficient and innovative partnerships
  • Understanding common principles, barriers and enablers of multi-stakeholder collaborations
  • Ways to overcome common partnership brokering challenges (both for those working internally and independently) and ways to overcome these
  • Personal and professional insights into the roles, skills and competencies needed in building successful collaborations
  • Membership of a global professional association of partnership brokers offering support, research, networks and further development opportunities.

“I have enjoyed a number of wonderful professional development opportunities throughout my career, but this course is certainly at the top of that list! I believe the content, expert instruction, and inspiring colleagues form a magical product that is second to none!”

Course graduate (Public Sector, Canada)

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Partnership Broker Training course in Edmonton, Alberta.

Partnering for Funders :

Partnering for Funders

This course is catered exclusively to funders and is designed to address the unique issues that may arise in these situations.

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As society’s challenges become more complex and interconnected, funders have increasingly sought to fund partnerships rather than single entity projects.  As a result, they have played an important role in pioneering collaborative approaches and helped achieve more innovative, inclusive, scalable and sustainable outcomes.   But they have also experienced some  operational challenges – from too many “paper partnerships”; to tension between partner and donor accountabilities; to operationalizing partnerships for maximum benefits. Funders have a critical role to play in ‘making or breaking’ the partnership paradigm.  But building successful partnerships takes hard work and insight into the ‘art and science’ of effective collaboration.

This course, run in collaboration with the Partnership Brokers Association, explores the opportunities for partnerships to advance philanthropy’s goals, as well as their challenges.  The workshop will combine an overview of partnering principles; frameworks and practices with an exploration of the role donors can play in more effectively facilitating and supporting partnerships.

This course can be customized to meet the needs of your organization. Contact us for more information.