Edmonton Partnership Brokers Training

October 1 – 5th, 2018

Advanced Skills course for those brokering and managing multi-stakeholder partnerships…

This 5-day course takes the Partnership Brokers Training to the next level. It is designed to build further confidence and competence in managing a range of partnership brokering interventions to promote really effective and potentially transformational partnering. Such interventions can include:

  • Building deeper understanding between partners
  • Helping partners address their partnering anxieties
  • Facilitating open (sometimes difficult) conversations
  • Strengthening individual and organizational partnering capacity

Taking on more formal coaching, mentoring and / or training roles. A basic assumption of the course and, in our view, central to the professional discipline of partnership brokering, is that those operating as partnership brokers need to embody a number of basic partnering principles in the way they undertake the role. These include being equitable and transparent as well as being willing to challenge assumptions and habitual behaviours.

As with all our training courses, we build on the evidence and experience from our own on-going work in partnership brokering and from qualified partnership brokers operating in diverse contexts and with different models of partnership. The course offers the opportunity for participants to build their skills through detailed planning, delivery and experience of practice sessions and to deepen their capacity to observe, listen, build on feedback and become more adept at responding to the question ‘what is needed now?’ – especially where this may mean challenging partners to bring about necessary change.

The course offers the opportunity for participants to:

  • Explore a number of theoretical frameworks that underpin partnership brokering approaches
  • Frame interventions in the context of an action learning model
  • Consider some key issues in managing group processes
  • Deepen skills as facilitator-trainers*
  • Strengthen capacity to co-work effectively
  • Work on themselves in terms of being ‘alert, prepared and ready’ to meet various partnership brokering challenges

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Join this intensive program and you will be part of a diverse group from business, non-profit, community, government, education and philanthropy. The group will be limited to 12 participants with two facilitators to maximize potential for exchange and personal attention to individuals.  Only graduates of the Partnership Brokers Training Course are eligible to apply.

Fee: The fee for this four day training is $2,700.

This includes:

  • Tuition costs
  • Background reading materials
  • Copies of all training materials

“I have enjoyed a number of wonderful professional development opportunities throughout my career, but the Partnership Broker Training is certainly at the top of that list! I believe the content, expert instruction, and inspiring colleagues form a magical product that is second to none!”

Course graduate (Public Sector, Canada)