Global Partnerships

JS Daw & Associates’ global partnerships and unique process gives our clients a competitive edge.  We incorporate the latest thinking and tools to build impactful and innovative community strategies.

We are different from other consultancies. JS Daw & Associates is certified in Shared Value and Global Partnership Brokering.

Shared Value Initiative :

Shared Value Initiative

JS Daw & Associates is an affiliate of the global Shared Value Initiative.  Shared value is a management strategy that creates measurable business value by addressing social problems that intersect with their business

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Shared Value is tailored to leading organizations committed to achieving both profit and purpose. We advocate the idea that social progress can also create economic progress.  We guide leading organizations in building strategies and initiatives to achieve competitiveness through the power of shared value.

We are proud to provide:

Partnership Brokers Association :

Partnership Brokers Association

JS Daw & Associates offers expertise in partnership development and training. Partnering is critical to create a more inclusive and sustainable world.

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Society’s challenges are more complex and interconnected than ever. New ways of working together are required to make an impact. Every sector needs to better understand when and how to partner across traditional divides.

Partnerships can be highly challenging and often falls short of expectations. Our strategies and courses are designed to maximize partnerships in every sector.

We offer:

  • Partnership brokering and coaching
  • Partnership reviews and development
  • Partnership training courses