Develop the knowledge and skills that get you further.

We are committed to developing capabilities to help your organization on its innovation and impact journey. We help your team learn through real-world application of knowledge and skills in partnership, engagement and shared value training. We partner with leading organizations throughout Canada to host these sessions in a variety of locations. We also develop on-site, customized training for organizations that want to get their entire team aligned.

Partnership Fundamentals :

Partnership Fundamentals

Partnerships are hard work and without proper training, even the simplest ones can fail. This customizable course introduces the fundamentals and helps you deepen the value from your partnerships.

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Partnership training teaches what it takes to design and deliver real value through collaboration. Our team has been certified by the Partnership Brokers Association to offer training that builds understanding and capacity around partnership all with the goal of deeper value and impact.

Maximizing Partnerships

We offer a tailored “Maximizing Partnerships” course in collaboration with the globally recognized Partnership Brokers Association. This customized course focuses on how to maximize and leverage meaningful partnerships. Participants will learn the principles, practices and frameworks behind sustainable partnerships. It is best suited for managers, decision-makers, planners and donors who seek to create more systematic and strategic relationships. The course acts as a pathway for further partnership training and can be customized to fit your organization's specific needs.

Advanced Partnerships :

Advanced Partnerships

This is the only professional training currently available for those operating as partnership intermediaries and is offered in collaboration with the internationally recognized Partnership Brokers Association.

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Partnership Brokers Training

The four-day, foundational Partnership Brokers Training course will benefit those who are currently formally or informally managing partnerships. It is suitable for those directly involved in partnerships, or those who are external to a partnership and operate as a neutral third party.

“I have enjoyed a number of wonderful professional development opportunities throughout my career, but this course is certainly at the top of that list! I believe the content, expert instruction, and inspiring colleagues form a magical product that is second to none!”

Course graduate (Public Sector, Canada)

Upcoming Courses: We are delighted to announce that the Partnership Brokers Association together with JS Daw & Associates are now accepting applications for the four-day foundational Partnership Brokers Training course. The course will be held in Toronto from May 15th - 18th, 2017.  Learn more and apply today!

Partnership Facilitation :

Partnership Facilitation

Our partnership facilitation Training Skills Certificate is offered in partnership with the Partnership Brokers Association and aims to give participants a theoretical framework for partnership brokering.

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Level 2 Training Skills Certificate

Those who are currently working in the management and development of partnerships and that have completed Level 1 (see above), are eligible to participate in this course that builds the practical brokering skills and professional practices necessary to address complex challenges in the partnering process. This course aims to provide:

  • An exploration of common partnership brokering challenges
  • Upon successful completion, membership of a global, professional association of partnership brokers that
    offers resources, networks and further development opportunities
  • Individualized action plans to apply the lessons from the course.

“This course exceeded my expectations. It’s more complex than I anticipated and I feel much more versed and aware.”

-Participant from the Nonprofit Sector, Partnership Broker Training 2014

Creating Shared Value :

Creating Shared Value

This course is entirely customizable to your needs and will encourage you to re-imagine the intersection between business and society.

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This customized course teaches the principles and practices of creating shared value. Participants will learn how shared value strategies are designed through real-life examples and tangible tools and processes. Participants will also have the opportunity identify their organization’s own shared value opportunities. Contact us for more information.