Our clients share a common commitment to deepen their community impact through the power of innovation, shared value, partnerships and engagement. We provide the guidance and insights you need to empower and rally around your cause. See our video.

Strategy: Purpose & Innovation :

Strategy: Purpose & Innovation

Gain a competitive advantage through creating value and impact.


Good intentions are no longer enough. Impact and value are expected. Creating impact requires defining your social purpose and creating a strategy that drives value for your organization and society. We partner with our clients and a co-create:

  • Social purpose articulation to clearly define what you stand for
  • Strategy Energizer to deepen your current strategy or design a new one
  • Signature programs and initiatives to drive collective ambition

Outcome: We help you design an aligned strategy and programs that maximizes impact, creates organizational value and inspires collective ambition.

Partnerships: Development & Coaching :

Partnerships: Development & Coaching

Ignite the right partnerships for maximum impact and value.


Meaningful partnerships are the only way forward. JS Daw & Associates are partnership experts and certified partnership brokers. We help connect you with the right partners, whose expertise and tools enhance credibility and capacity. We offer the following partnership services:

  • Partnership readiness assessments
  • Partnership reviews
  • Partnership development
  • Partnership coaching
  • Partnership training.

Outcome: We help create genuine partnerships that create mutual benefit and ensure success through coaching, all with the goal of catalyzing positive social impact, strengthening sustainability and fostering innovation.

Engagement: People & Community :

Engagement: People & Community

Spark engagement to achieve impact faster.


We work with you to design engagement strategies that help organizations enhance purpose-driven work and fuel passion for contributing to the community. This includes:

  • Employee and community engagement strategies
  • Cause and social marketing strategies and programs
  • Social movement building initiatives

Outcomes: We help you identify the best way to approach people, optimize timing, messages and appeal that makes social change happen and strengthens your sustainability.