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The time is now. Cross-sector collaboration as a ‘seed’ for renewing the world.

This is a guest blog from a good friend and a fellow Partnership Broker, Michelle Halse from Living Collaborations.

“Partnering and collaboration are critical… if we are to create a more inclusive and sustainable world.”

It is not a not a lone voice making this claim.

I’d even venture to say the idea – that cross-sector collaboration is required to address the challenges facing the world – is just about mainstream.

Which is not to say we’ve all worked out how to do it. (more…)

Diversity in Partnerships Is Uncomfortable – And That’s Good!

By Jocelyne Daw

In the coming years the community landscape will look dramatically different. Growing demands on resources and increasingly complexity of issues will require bridging traditional and untraditional boundaries to create powerful partnerships for social change. As a result, diversity will be inevitable. As different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives get blended, cognitive diversity will increase. Cognitive diversity is defined as the differences in our thought and problem-solving processes. This diversity drives innovation and is critical to better serve the community. So, how do you make sure your partnerships embrace diversity?  (more…)

Four Steps to Building a Strong Partnership Culture

By Jocelyne Daw

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” is management guru, Peter Drucker’s most famous quote.  Nowhere is this truer than in partnerships. Partners work across organizations and sectors and must adapt to diverse approaches and styles. More often than not, focus is put on building project strategies but not on HOW the project goals will be achieved  – through a culture and mindset of collaboration. The soft stuff is always the hard stuff.  So how do you create a partnership culture to drive success? (more…)

10 Real Signs of Partnership

Jocelyne Daw with Yeshe Smith

Since I started my consulting firm over seven years ago, partnership – brokering, coaching, training and advocating for them, has been a central part of my practice.  But sadly, partnership has become a blanket phase to describe many “business as usual” organizational relationships.  It is beginning to lose its true meaning.  This is especially disillusioning when the term ‘partnership’ is used as a soother, a calmative, to disguise the real challenge and struggle of collaborating meaningfully. Here are ten signs you’re in a true partnership NOT just another traditional relationship.

Partnerships at the Heart of the Sustainable Development Goals

By Rachel Adrian

The 17th Sustainable Development Goal stands out as different from all the others. While the other goals focus on tangible improvements to quality of life around the world, the 17th is the means, the “how” to accomplish the other goals. By highlighting partnerships as the 17th Sustainable Development Goal, and the United Nations has made a call to action for multi-stakeholder collaboration. (more…)

Sustainable Development Goals: Why Should You Care?

By Rachel Adrian

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were developed through the United Nations in September of 2015 as a means to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. Each goal has specific targets lined out with an ultimate goal of completion by 2030. A year has already passed and the goals are gaining momentum. But what are they all about? Why should you care? What will be needed to reach the monumental targets set out for us all?


Innovation: The Power and Truth About Collaboration

By Julie Drybrough, Organizational Consultant, fuchsiablue

This week we are pleased to have a guest blog from UK-based Julie Drybrough of fuchsiablue. She highlights the power of collaboration for outcomes bigger than any one organization could achieve on their own. Done well, it enables innovation, creates greater value and strengthens commitments from a broader range of people and organizations. But like anything that delivers great results, collaboration takes hard work, flexibility AND courage. Julie provides her insights into The Truth About Collaboration (more…)

Cause Marketing versus Sponsorship – What’s the difference?

By Jocelyne Daw

heart_cogsAt JS Daw & Associates, multi-stakeholder partnerships are core to our business. Partnerships come in many different forms and can be applied across a wide range of situations. The relationships between partners can have varying degrees of depth and length.

A question I often get asked is “What is the difference between cause marketing partnerships and sponsorship?” I am happy to share my insights into these two mutually-beneficial, but more commercial forms of business-community partnerships. In my perspective, the difference between the two is simple. It’s in the tactics and the benefits of each execution. (more…)

Principles, Not Playbooks Drive Partnerships

By Jocelyne Daw

yourstory-partnershipMulti-stakeholder partnerships are more and more seen as a key way to tackle the complicated and complex challenges we face as a society. I am a great champion of the power of partnership and believe that they can really make a significant difference. However, too many collaborations jump head first into the partnership without considering the complicated mechanics of ‘how’ to successfully partner. (more…)