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Standard Life: Standing for Something

The Opportunity

shared_valueInternal and external pressures are demanding that pure profits can no longer be the sole motivator for business. Rather than just traditional wealth creation, business has the opportunity to use its scale, resources, and innovation imperative to be a catalyst for a better world and to reinvigorate and empower business at the same time.

Standard Life engaged JS Daw & Associates to help strengthen and deepen its existing community investment (CI) program. They sought guidance in identifying a social purpose that would provide a clear strategic direction for the program, and lead to greater organizational cohesion and engagement. (more…)

YMCA Calgary: Articulating a Social Purpose

The Opportunity

ymcalogo1-222x200The YMCA has been serving Calgary for over 112 years, and it is part of the fabric of our community. The YMCA Calgary (the Y) offers health and wellness programs, community outreach and newcomer programs, day and residential camping, leadership development and childcare. Since the Y offers such a wide range of programs and serves so many demographics, their communications have often lacked an overarching story about their impact and value in our community. (more…)

”All In For Youth”: Partnership Transition Planning

The Opportunity

All In for Youth” is a Calgary-based initiative and partnership focused on school completion. Facilitated by the United Way of Calgary, the five-year collective action initiative aims to reduce the high school dropout rate in Calgary by 50% by 2017 and to prototype a new way of working to drive social change.
This exciting but complex cross-sector partnership was established with the intention that it would end in its current form in June 2017. This date was established at the outset of the initiative and was not tied to the achievement of the vision for the initiative. As “All In For Youth” (AIFY) neared its fourth full year of operation, the United Way of Calgary and the partners engaged JS Daw & Associates to assist with the process of developing a transition plan.



Brookfield Residential: Engaging with Key Stakeholders & Communities

The Opportunity

For almost 60 years, Brookfield Residential has been crafting homes and communities for Albertans. Struggling to define a social purpose for their community investment program, Brookfield Residential engaged us to help them better define their role in the community, engage their key stakeholders and make a bigger overall impact. It was very important that through this new initiative, Brookfield Residential was able to better connect with their customers in Brookfield communities. (more…)

MS Society & A&W Cause Marketing: Fostering Mutual Benefit & Impact

The Opportunity

A&W and the MS Society of Canada’s “Cruisin’ to End MS” day is an extremely successful ongoing year partnership that has raised over $6.5 million for Multiple Sclerosis and increased awareness about this disease and its high incidence among Canadians.
The initiative is driven by point of sale fundraising in each restaurant as well as a number of other creative, locally developed initiatives. The first three years of the initiative were very successful, with 40% growth year after year. In the following three years leading up to our work, the initiative had started to plateau and the leadership from both organizations engaged us to help them reinvigorate the program and ensure alignment with key stakeholders including both customers and employees. (more…)

Math Minds Partners: Reviewing & Revising to Strengthen the Partnership’s Impact

The Opportunity

1Math Minds is an innovative form of collaboration, where alliances are forging unique outcomes, crossing boundaries, and building potential long-term solutions to improve numeracy in Canadian society.  In 2012, Canadian Oil Sands initiated a bold partnership with leadership organizations representing education, public library and children-serving agency to collaborate on how to promote deep, meaningful and significant improvements in early mathematics learning. Building upon the strengths of each of the organizations and oriented by their shared values, these partners co-created an initiative that is far greater than the sum of its parts.

Math Minds school partners are Canadian Oil Sands, JUMP Math, University of Calgary, Werklund School of Education and Calgary Catholic School District. Over the past four years the partners have engaged us as brokers to help shape and support their partnership to maximize results and impact.


Multiple Clients – Building Partnership Capacity

The Opportunity

Why are some partnerships successful and others not? An important element of partnership success is building an organization’s own capacity to navigate the partnering process and understand the often complex nature of these relationships. Many clients have engaged us to design customized partnership training and coaching support – including Suncor, Enbridge, Benevity, Conference Board of Canada, Hospice Calgary, and United Way of Calgary. Through our customized training, we have helped these organizations to deepen their knowledge of partnerships, foster a shared understanding and language and build confidence in partnership management. (more…)

Canadian Oil Sands: Fostering Partnership for Early Math Literacy


Math MindsCanadian Oil Sands (COS) engaged JS Daw & Associates in efforts to simplify, and deepen the value and impact from their community investment program. Rather than making many small donations to a number of non-profits, COS realized that by concentrating their community investment dollars around a single cause, they could have a much more substantial impact on the community. (more…)