Calgary Partnership Brokers Training

October 9 – 12, 2018

A 4-day skills development course for those brokering and managing multi-stakeholder partnerships…

Partnerships and collective impact initiatives are multiplying in Canada, as cross-sectorial collaborators come together to positively advance social issues. In fact, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals call its #17 – Partnership to achieve all the goals!   The UN calls “Partnering and collaboration critical… if we are to create a more inclusive, just and sustainable world.”  Today the idea – that cross-sector collaboration is required to address the challenges facing the world – is just about mainstream.  But how do we partner effectively?  How do we learn and apply the new leadership skills to transform our partnering practice?

Partnering is highly challenging to those involved and often fall short of expectations. The people involved in making partnerships happen are key to the partnering success. This highly sought after global training program from the Partnership Brokers Association builds their knowledge and skills and provides them with the tools and insights to deliver positive partnering results.

This skills training will equip you with:

  • Tools, techniques and skills development for brokering partnerships that get results
  • Enhanced confidence and competence as partnership practitioners
  • A framework and knowledge for robust, efficient and innovative partnerships
  • Understanding common principles, barriers and enablers of multi-stakeholder collaborations
  • Ways to overcome common partnership brokering challenges (both for those working internally and independently) and ways to overcome these
  • Personal and professional insights into the roles, skills and leadership competencies needed to build successful collaborations
  • Membership of a global professional association of partnership brokers offering support, research, networks and further development opportunities.

Join this intensive program and you will be part of a diverse group from business, non-profit, community, government, education and philanthropy. The group will be limited to 24 participants with two facilitators to maximize potential for exchange and personal attention to individuals.  Graduates of the course receive a certificate and membership in the global Partnership Broker Network.

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