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2017 Trend: Innovation & How Canada Put Donald Trump on Ice

By Jocelyne Daw

Friday January 20th was the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. Many greet the ceremony with concern about what his leadership will bring over the next four years. But the comments Bill Gates made after his meeting with Trump in late 2016 provide a ray of hope. Gates stated, “President-elect Donald Trump has an opportunity to establish American leadership through innovation.(more…)

2017 Trend: Shared Value Acceleration

By Jocelyne Daw

Shared Value is defined as addressing social needs with a business model to achieve social and economic value. It was first identified as a business practice in 2011, after implementation at companies like Nestle, Unilever, GE and Discovery over the previous five + years. This year, Shared Value enters its second decade and will increasingly accelerate, as it becomes a competitive advantage for business. As practitioners and members of the Shared Value Initiative we are pleased to share our top five practices for shared value acceleration.


Emerging Ways of Giving

By Rachel Adrian

donationsAs we get ready to celebrate Philanthropy Day, it is interesting to reflect on how giving has changed in recent years. In the past, the vast majority of donations were religious in nature and now, this number is much lower. People today like to connect with the charities they donate to and know the impact they are making on their chosen cause. They want to be part of a movement that is really affecting change. In this blog, we are highlighting some creative new ways for people to engage with charity. (more…)

Social Enterprise in Action! Deepwater Farms

Innovate_on_the_run_140576308Social entrepreneurs are change-drivers that creatively approach some of our most substantial social problems and look to leverage business solutions in solving them. Their social purpose allows them to change the world while their business focus allows for sustainability and flexibility. This past weekend Beakerhead held a Social Venture Pitch Contest, sponsored by Trico Charitable Foundation. There were 5 up-and-coming social entrepreneurs competing to win a prize of $10,000 in a Dragon’s Den style pitch event. And the winner was… (more…)

Growing the Purposeful Workforce

By Rachel Adrian

img656723There are two types of employees in today’s workforce, those who come to work in order to get a paycheck, and those who believe their work can have a greater impact. Recently we have seen an increase in purpose driven employees as millennials enter the workforce and baby boomers look for a higher meaning in their day to day work.

Millennials in particular are well-known for being more purpose driven than any other generation. They have grown up recycling and volunteering amidst a host of emerging social problems and purpose has been infused into their daily lives from the very beginning. Millennials are an excellent starting point in growing purpose at work. However, it is crucial that other generations are not excluded from the movement. (more…)

Engaging Employees: ‘Employee’ Centered Design

Employee_EngagementEncouraging engagement among employees is an age old problem that is not getting any easier. More and more companies are implementing employee engagement programs, but the majority difficulty with low participation rates. So what makes the difference between an engaging, exciting program and the lackluster ones that we see all too often? In this blog, we are taking a human centered design (HCD) approach to engaging employees and making the most out of your programs. (more…)

‘One for Many’ Cause Marketing

By Rachel Adrian

cole-and-parker-socksThere are a number of innovative Canadian brands that are transforming the way consumers see business. In this issue, we are highlighting an up and coming Canadian company, Cole & Parker. These guys have put a new spin on the traditional One-for-One model and are transforming the way we think about giving back! This new model is called ‘One for Many’, and is a form of BOGO: Buy One Give One. (more…)

Profits & Purpose: The State of Shared Value

By Rachel Adrian

2This past week, the annual Shared Value Conference was held in New York City. Shared value has been around for a few years now. A recent report, The State of Shared Value in Australia by the Shared Value Project has us reflecting on the state of shared value worldwide.

The report details the state of shared value, the challenges, the benefits, and critical next steps. It also has a few case studies to illustrate successful shared value in practice – which is always helpful in understanding the potential. (more…)

How Non-Profits Are Similar to Their For-Profit Counterparts

By Rachel Adrian

3A recent report from Imagine Canada, Charities in Canada as an Economic Sector details the importance of Canada’s charitable sector in providing services to Canada’s most vulnerable. As the demand to address social and environmental challenges continues to rise, non-profits will become an even more important element of Canada’s society and economy. The report also highlighted some very interesting similarities between the charitable sector and small businesses. (more…)

The Future of Work in the Non-Profit Sector

By Rachel Adrian

1This past week I attended another excellent CCVO Connections Conference. The conference featured a number of keynote speakers looking at future trends. Today we’re pleased to share with you a new trend – the changing definition of work and its implications for the non-profit sector.

Technological advances, innovative new business models and dramatic changes in demographics have had an immense effect on where, when and how we work. This is highly evident in the private sector, and businesses have made some very significant moves to adapt. But what will the future of work mean for non-profits and other community organizations? (more…)