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Purpose: Maximizing Millennial Engagement

By Rachel Adrian

Today there are more millennials in the workplace than another demographic group. This generation has grown up in a very different reality than those of the past and it is critical that businesses go beyond the usual approaches to engage them. How can they be engaged to maximize their potential? (more…)

Encouraging Pro-Social Behaviour in the Workplace

thumbnailPro-social behaviours are actions that directly or indirectly benefit a person or society. Many companies have started to encourage pro-social behaviours as part of their community and people engagement programs. This means enabling employees to donate through the workplace, incentivizing people to bike to work, compost in the office or organizing company wide volunteer days, companies are definitely seeing a return on this investment. Employees are happier, more engaged and proud – both of their own accomplishments as well as the support of their company. (more…)

Emerging Ways of Giving

By Rachel Adrian

donationsAs we get ready to celebrate Philanthropy Day, it is interesting to reflect on how giving has changed in recent years. In the past, the vast majority of donations were religious in nature and now, this number is much lower. People today like to connect with the charities they donate to and know the impact they are making on their chosen cause. They want to be part of a movement that is really affecting change. In this blog, we are highlighting some creative new ways for people to engage with charity. (more…)

Growing the Purposeful Workforce

By Rachel Adrian

img656723There are two types of employees in today’s workforce, those who come to work in order to get a paycheck, and those who believe their work can have a greater impact. Recently we have seen an increase in purpose driven employees as millennials enter the workforce and baby boomers look for a higher meaning in their day to day work.

Millennials in particular are well-known for being more purpose driven than any other generation. They have grown up recycling and volunteering amidst a host of emerging social problems and purpose has been infused into their daily lives from the very beginning. Millennials are an excellent starting point in growing purpose at work. However, it is crucial that other generations are not excluded from the movement. (more…)

Engaging Employees: ‘Employee’ Centered Design

Employee_EngagementEncouraging engagement among employees is an age old problem that is not getting any easier. More and more companies are implementing employee engagement programs, but the majority difficulty with low participation rates. So what makes the difference between an engaging, exciting program and the lackluster ones that we see all too often? In this blog, we are taking a human centered design (HCD) approach to engaging employees and making the most out of your programs. (more…)

Millennials And the Future of Community Activism

By Jocelyne Daw

Because of the huge societal challenges we face, Millennials understand that we have to do more than just “fill the gaps” with donations. Millennials are driving a realignment of roles, responsibilities and resources across the sectors. They believe new approaches to address intractable community issues are needed. So what does this mean? Last week we featured Millennials and why their involvement in community needs to be approached differently than other generations. This week we look at five standout millennial attitudes that will drive social change and reshape community activism. (more…)

Millennials & Community

By Rachel Adrian

Millennials are an emerging, and very important demographic. One aspect that hasn’t gotten much attention is the different ways that millennials view causes and involvement in community. In order to get millennials engaged and involved in community work, we need to approach them differently than other generations. So what does this look like? (more…)

Building Trust in Business – An Overview of Edelman Trust Barometer 2016

By Rachel Adrian

Edelman recently released their annual Trust Barometer report.   This year was the sixteenth annual report and something we watch every year. It provides critical to insights about the state of business trust in Canada and around the world. This years report was especially interesting, and focused on the inequality of trust around the world. (more…)

Job Purposing: Infusing ‘WHY’ Into Everyday Tasks

By Rachel Adrian

disengagedemployee1Disengaged employees. Every company has them and for a long time, we’ve been lost in terms of motivating them. What if we could infuse purpose and meaning into an individual’s job description?

Imagine yourself volunteering for a charity of your choice, and helping them to achieve their goals. Let’s pretend it’s an animal shelter, you love animals and soon you realize that while the work is hard, you are genuinely enjoying it. The moment that you see a puppy go home with their new family, you know that all of your effort was worth it. This type of work has a strong, defined purpose, and it motivates you to work harder, better and more efficiently. Wouldn’t it be great if people could get this same sense of fulfillment from their jobs? (more…)

The Meaning & Purpose of Community Investment!

By Jocelyne Daw

83704ace1a04644b065d34921c2df108Mount Royal University Launches New Community Investment Certificate

This past year I had the privilege of overseeing the development of a new community investment certificate for Calgary-based Mount Royal University. The certificate course will be offered online and will be open to students from any sector and will be available across Canada.

Today community investment (CI) is a key business function for corporate Canada. An effective CI strategy aligns with a corporation’s business goals and positively contributes to the communities in which it operates.  The goal of the course is to help professionals understand the essentials of corporate community investment and the role of the non-profit and community sector in a company’s CI program. It will teach students how to design and execute a company’s CI strategy effectively and efficiently in a way that promotes and builds its brand, inspires its employees and enhances the community. (more…)