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Jocelyne Daw : Founder & CEO

Jocelyne Daw

Founder & CEO

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Jocelyne Daw is a recognized pioneer and leading expert in the evolution of authentic business and community partnerships and in the integration of social purpose, community engagement and partnership development. For over 25 years, she has worked at the intersection of tri-sectoral partnerships between businesses, government and nonprofit organizations. Throughout her professional career she has embraced a steadfast commitment to building substantive and sustainable partnerships.  She has developed countless innovative and mutually beneficial relationships and empowered people, organizations and systems to work together to build healthy and vibrant communities. Jocelyne is a certified Partnership Broker and Partnership Broker Trainer through the International Partnership Brokers Association.

Jocelyne is an internationally published author and speaker. Her books Cause Marketing: Partner for Purpose, Passion and Profits (2006) and Breakthrough Nonprofit Branding: Seven Principles to Power Extraordinary Results (2010) published through John Wiley & Sons, a leading business publisher. have been Amazon best sellers. She is a keynote speaker committed to strengthening knowledge of creating shared value, social purpose branding, and creating cross-sectoral partnerships for social innovation and impact for audiences in Canada and the United States.

In 2012 the Calgary Association of Fundraising Professionals recognized her leadership work in the systems integration of community engagement, partnership development, fundraising and marketing, presenting her with the Outstanding Fundraising Professional award. Jocelyne is actively involved in the community and serves as a board member for the Trico Charitable Foundation, a private foundation focused on social enterprise.  She is a  member of the global Shared Value Initiative Advisory Board and a member of the Calgary Counselling Centre board of directors.

As the Founder and CEO of JS Daw & Associates, Jocelyne leads a practice that guides leading organizations in creating innovative social purpose brands that engage and inspire today’s increasingly active citizen. Based on her research, writing and direct experience she specializes in developing strategies and experiences that help clients stand out, build relationships, inspire action and power significant social impact. Today organizations are expected to define and deliver on their social purpose. Jocelyne believes “purpose must now be engrained into your strategy and culture.”

Jocelyn Daw

Jocelyn Daw 
Jocelyn Daw

What inspires you?

“I established JS Daw & Associates to be a different kind of company. I want to work with my team to transform community impact by helping businesses and nonprofits discover their authentic brand purpose and use it to strengthen their reputations, create strong community connections, enhance sustainability and drive tangible social impact.”

Del Simon : Senior Advisor

Del Simon

Senior Advisor

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Del brings a wealth of experience and knowledge as an Accredited Public Relations professional. Before moving into the world of Communications and Public Relations, Del was a broadcast journalist who honed her research, writing and storytelling skills reporting on justice, education and health issues for Canada’s national broadcaster – CBC. Her ability to reach out and connect with people from diverse communities enables her to excel at building relationships with multiple stakeholders. Today, Del is an advisor on several key community-business innovation projects with JS Daw & Associates. In her spare time, Del can be found mentoring other communications professionals, traveling, whipping up exotic dishes, or hiking the beautiful trails around her home in Calgary.

Kristina Roberts

Kristina Roberts

Kristina Roberts

What drew you to working with JS Daw & Associates?

“I try to ensure that everything I do professionally is for the betterment of people in our community; I think this aligns with the work being done by JS Daw & Associates. This unique consultancy brokers relationships between organizations and businesses by helping them discover the social impact behind their brand. I believe this is the way of the future and I want to be part of that wave.”

Kathryn Waslen : Associate & Partnership Specialist

Kathryn Waslen

Associate & Partnership Specialist

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Kathryn was first introduced to JS Daw & Associates during her participation in The Partnership Brokers Level 1 Certificate program. Through this training and her deepened understanding of partnership principles and the brokering process, Kathryn felt she found her ‘home’. Kathryn has always wanted to help people. Having a diverse academic and professional background as well as having worked in the for profit and non profit sector, Kathryn has the ability to look at things from varying perspectives and see connection points. Kathryn believes that joint initiatives can be hard work but that cross-sectoral partnerships offer the highest potential and probability of positive, sustainable and meaningful impact.

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What inspires you?

I’m inspired when people come together to work on or achieve a common goal. Whether that’s participating in or watching a running race or seeing a community come together to help those in need, I love seeing partnerships in action. I am inspired by things that are greater than me but that I can contribute to.

Rachel Adrian : Research & Communications Assistant

Rachel Adrian

Research & Communications Assistant

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Rachel is the current JS Daw & Associates intern. She is going into her fourth year in the Development Studies program at the University of Calgary, and this is her second internship with JS Daw & Associates. She is very excited to continue learning about shared value, partnerships, and the intersection between business and the community. At JS Daw & Associates, Rachel helps to curate our social media presence and research emerging trends in corporate responsibility.






What is one thing about you that people probably wouldn’t guess?

“I have a passion for travel and working with children. I spent 6 months teaching kindergarten in Costa Rica and the experience has really shaped my worldview. Costa Rica has an incredibly vibrant and unique culture that I carry with me every day. I loved exploring Costa Rica's growing corporate social responsibility sector and seeing how they incorporated shared value."